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What are visitors seeing when they arrive on your real estate website? You may think it’s your homepage. But if the answer isn’t “custom landing pages,” you’re missing a major opportunity to personalize the home buyer/seller journey. Using our real estate landing pages’ design service to target to different types of visitors is essential to capturing more high quality online leads.

What is a real estate landing page?

A landing page is any standalone web page, disconnected from the main navigation, that is built to get visitors to take a very specific action (sign up, download, call etc.)

For example, a person may see a custom landing page after clicking a link in a Tweet that encourages them to download your newest ebook. That landing page prompts them to fill out a form in order to get the ebook, which captures their contact information so you can follow up through phone and email marketing.

Who uses real estate landing pages?

Buyer agents, seller agents, and brokers can all use landing pages to reach new prospects and clients.

Who needs a landing page for real estate?

Basically, there are two types of real estate market players who need a landing page: developers and realtors or real estate agencies.

Real estate landing pages for developers

93% of prospective home buyers start their search online, the NAR survey reveals.


The real estate market can definitely be called one of the toughest spheres in marketing. First, because of the complexity and high cost of the product. Second, because of the extreme competition and diverse number of offers on the market, which makes customer acquisition cost — and total marketing expenses — very high. In these conditions, an effective real estate landing page is a must if you want to catch your potential customer.

At Konstant Digital Marketing we offer a complete lead generating landing page solution for real estate agents and agency. Other services only offer the design aspect of your real estate landing pages which is actually only a fraction of the complete solution required to generate leads. Konstant Digital Marketing offers the complete solution from design to lead nurturing.

At Konstant Digital Marketing, we are always looking for ways for real estate agents and professionals to generate more leads. With our real estate landing pages, you’ll create another channel of lead generation that will give you a flow of leads to build your real estate business.

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