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Than Just Packaging Design

Our focus on the packaging design has risen strongly over the past few years, when it was realized that a great package design has a huge impact on the success of the product.


Image you come to a job interview together with 40 000 other people, where your future employer chooses the team and you have only 7 seconds of his time to introduce yourself and capture his attention. In the shop, one item gets no more than 3 seconds of attention. 70% of decisions are taken while standing beside the shelf. Moreover, for reading the information on the package, customer spend no more than 4 seconds! These facts indicate consumer habits and the attention devoted to each package contained in the store.

Gone are the days when we walked into a store and were met by a friendly sales associate out on the floor advising what product will best suit our needs. Now consumers are left to their own devices, standing in that long aisle filled with thousands of generic products. The product packaging design has replaced that friendly sales associate.

At Konstant Digital Marketing, we work closely with our clients to ensure we create a finished package that encompasses your brand and supports your mission statement. Professional product packaging design provides brand recognition and gives you that edge to stand out in that store’s aisle.

Packaging Design Process at Konstant

1) We start with clarifying your goals and analyzing your brand equity, competition and target market.

2) Following marketing research there is clarification of the legal standards.
We have to determine the product specific dietary and nutrition facts and any warnings/disclaimers, if any.

3) Next step would be a choice of print /production specifications and creation of the design prototype that will go into a focus group testing.

4) Final files will be prepared for print and released after your approval to you and your product-packaging manufacturer.



Business identity is the single term to keep themselves apart from their competitors. It creates an immediate sense of identity through visual and textual content. Business identity tells whether you are unique or just another noise addition Your brand covers all aspects with your colors, domain, tagline, graphics, logo, typography, and competitors' position that collectively establish what makes you different. Depending on what kind of services and products you offer the Business identity design services vary.

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