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Than Just a Cover Design

We offer professional book cover design services for indie authors: illustrated, eBook, and print covers, and interior book design.

Writing a book isn’t easy. Whether fiction, non-fiction, poetry or the musings of an unhinged mind, you’ll have invested countless hours into it by the time you complete that final draft. It’s a work of art, and one that deserves to be covered and formatted accordingly.

Our team includes not only exceptional graphic designers but also communication experts – people who know how to write content to suit the media it is to appear in.

A great book cover design is important for every author who wants to be successful, this is true for both indie authors and the big names that you’d expect to see within the New York Times Best Sellers list. Having a professional book cover design ensures that your book stands out in a very crowded environment and sells, people do judge books by their covers and so you should make sure that yours is an exceptional one..

Our Services

We specialize in book cover design, layout/formatting, and other marketing
services at a competitive pricing while maintaining superb quality.

Book Cover Design

The original reason for Konstant Digital to be, book cover design represents our passion and our core service. As the cover serves as your book’s first impression on potential readers, it’s vital that it conveys the essence of your book in a captivating and alluring way. Our team of designers have the knowledge and experience to know what works and what doesn’t, skilfully combining simplicity, meaning and beauty into a cover that will do justice to the text it surrounds (and that’ll hopefully have it flying off the shelves!).

Formatting and Layout

Almost as important as the book cover, we ensure that interior of your book is up to standard, whether it’s an ebook, paperback or hardcover. The interior layout is designed according to international best practices by our specialist book formatters. All ebook files are thoroughly tested for use on all ebook readers to ensure the highest quality, and final print files are suitable for any printing service. From manuscript to final material, we will guide you through every step.

Book Trailers

You’ve got a talent for the written word, but do you have a talent for marketing too? With social media making it possible for any budding author to become their own advertising agency, oftentimes the issue is simply one of a lack of content. Don’t fret; Konstant Digital have got you covered. We can produce a movie-quality book trailer for your novel that’ll help you to stand out from the rest of the author crowd. Stunning and incredibly effective, they’re the perfect advertisement for your new book.

Self-Published Authors Love Working with Us

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